17 to the 6th Media | Video Production

In this transitory year I’ve let my video production web log lapse, choosing to put my shoulder into developing the opera thing. Now that opera is moving apace I can turn to my video work and bring it onboard. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn video production from masters and lucky to have the chance to produce some of my own.

Here is a selection of our work created by 17 to the 6th Media for the Conservative Jewish community in our area.

These two clips are our most recent pieces for Camp Ramah in the Berkshires Annual Dinner Event – yeah, the second clip is super shpielesque – at it’s campiest (as it were)

And you will find the Lin-Manuel Miranda “look-alike” in this piece above featured in a video honoring the man himself, Dr Hugh Pollack, at the Town & Village Synagogue Annual Giving Event in 2014.

And  something not as specifically Jewish. We dig Nikki Neretin’s rock n’ roll as much as we dig opera!