Today Feels Special

Today feels special like a birthday or a really cool new pair of shoes

Something’s in the air saying “Today is the day! Get out and have fun – you don’t need permission from anyone”

So I go

Trusting eyes and ears and instinct to determine my direction

Heart knows before head which way is right – though admittedly the trick is in distinguishing between the two from time to time

The road’s not always straight and the poem doesn’t always rhyme…but then again sometimes it does

Today feels special

I’m part of something like the tenth person in a minyan or a light bulb on an old string of Christmas decorations that only work when I’m lit up

Today feels special – being here matters

Yesterday was their day and I’m sure they felt really special then the sun set and night crawled over us all converting

White into black

Wrong into right

No into yes

And that is what I woke up into today

Today feels special like a hot chocolate from the City Bakery with a hand-made marshmallow on top and I realize as I drink that Yesterday is forever behind me and it is always Today

Today feels special – Today feels special


composed in my head while marching up 5th Ave with 400,000 of my compatriots on Saturday January 21, 2017

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