A Poem for the One Who Pushed My

This is a poem for the one who pushed my
Indiegogo campaign past the half way mark.

Dark were the days where development slowed
From such a strong start at the outset

And I,
I did not know what I had within
Me to access the glee ubiquitous
At the launching of this initiative.

With doubt lurking behind every comma
I kept at it, sending direct appeals, trying to ignore
The devil on my shoulder whispering sweet nothings
About my inherent uselessness.

I walked by reason standing there, smoking a cigarette lookin’ all…smug*
To get the idea of VideOpera off the ground

And found that reason can’t snuff this like his last butt against a stucco wall

Because this idea did not come from reason

Reason has no power here

So thank you Universal Aesthetic
(you know who you are, though I do not)
For being the wind beneath my wings today
And adding to the generosity of eighteen others
Who are with me in telling reason to take a hike.


*Thanks to Ira Glass Walk By Reason WNYC Pledge Drive spiel 2013


Note: this campaign ends June 28th – that’s 29 days from this posting.
You, too, can tell reason to take a hike by following the link and becoming a contributor to When Falling…Dive. It’s a stretch and worth going for.

Life is Short | Make Opera

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