Sonnet #1: To Start A Work Of Art

How hard it is to start a work of art

Like diving in an ocean that is cold

To resist the urge to write tears me apart

While dread of getting wet has me withhold

With pen in hand my father’s spirit mounts

I stand naked on the shore, my feet in ice

With every word he holds me to account

Despite my fear, ‘tis late for me t’think twice

Courageously I look him in the face

The Polar Bears all gathered by my side

Paternal love I trust in our embrace

I hold his hand and take the plunge with pride

Commitment ever leads me to this shore

Deep love lets me dive – forever more!


For my father, John Knauth, who would have turned 83 today. I toast you, up there in heaven, drinking single malt with the other angels💜🥃 😇

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