Fire Escape 1

Escape – Escape
The fire drill call
Emergency exit, get out now
Through the hall; flame and panic
Make it down, down, down – away from danger
A planned existence for the fire escape on the back alleyway of my building
——————————————— Get away – get away
The monotony day in, day out…quarantine/pandemic
Trapped inside, handwashing the enemy out
Invisible; is it still there? I don’t know. Wash again————————————————-
With no target to fix our fear
We turn on the love in the room, shifting context to a darker gloom
Is this it?
Is this all you have for me?
I thought you were more than this, my love!
The way you breathe angers me
The way you chew disgusts me

Said to the husband
To the wife
To the child or roommate
To the fuckbuddy who had nowhere else to go or worse…
To my mind, as I live alone—————————————————————-
Entrenched disappointment hardens to rage Home’s a cage and I escape to meditate
To quench the blaze on my tongue
And stop from burning any bridges
I won’t break the balance of our happy home
Though we’re together, I am alone and I track to the back of my building
To sit outside on wrought iron – rusting through – keeping a tenuous hold to the façade ———————————————————Neither down nor away
I’m suspended in midair
The breeze playing with strands of my straggly hair
In an all-too-quiet city
Fire escape save me from myself –

Fire escape sanctuary

One thought on “Fire Escape 1

  1. Raw and beautiful — and what I imagine life is for you these days, in the too quiet city …

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