MAWL – The Mott Academy of Writing Librettos

Character emerging from stone
Character emerging from stone…                                                                                                                                                One of Michelangelo’s forever unfinished statues in Galleria dell’Academia in Florence

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a little background…

The first time I took my seat in the Family Circle at the Metropolitan Opera in 2010 was for Don Giovanni. It was Ottavio’s aria, “dalla sua pace la mia dipende” that opened up the depths of possibility in opera to me. See Where Opera Lives for details on that ahha! moment.

I knew – sitting there slack-jawed in the dark – I had to write librettos and I didn’t even know a counter tenor from a treble clef at the time. So I set to learn and this web log is one of those tools I first created to express this need. The time has come to ratchet up the process.

I explored MFA programs at Hunter, The New School & NYU. I saw playwriting programs and creative writing programs but no libretto writing programs. I’m a 52 year old woman; I don’t have time to fuck around any more. So I have fashioned my own course of study and here’s my curriculum for the next year.

The Mott Academy of Writing Librettos

Year 1: Learn the dramaturgy of playwriting & opera. Understand what makes a play work and, specifically, what makes an opera work.