Artist’s Statement – MMN

Marianna Mott Newirth is a librettist, playwright and producer of opera and video. She creates theatrical pieces that explore the human condition in all its glorious complexities. With a decisively humanist approach, guided with a Jewish moral compass, she approaches stories as opportunity for authentic, emotional truth-telling. Her creative process typically begins with book art, making a hand-bound book that expresses the ineffable aspects of a tale. This serves her process of bringing an idea into physical form. Once a book is created, or a compilation of musical phrases are edited together, she then dives in to ply words and images that tell the story waiting to be told. Often times her work involves collaboration; indeed, this is Newirth’s preferred method of functioning especially when writing and producing opera, an inherently collaborative art form. It is the combined expressions of life experience, personal connections and trust that give rise to works of art she finds most rewarding.