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Ode To My Mews, Zephyr | Sonnet #3

2017-09-28 23.13.39-1

As I write, my fingers light on the keyboard, I draw a sudden blank
My muse arrives, four pawed, fur coat silky to the touch
Like Calliope she approaches staring with frankness at my scribbled crank
Regardless of her harshness I welcome her presence which can be, at times, a bit much

2017-12-09 16.35.12-2



Calliope, it’s been said of the muse, carried an assertive flair
Only the most worthy of artists could draw her favored hand
Such as it is with my black and white short-hair
Her business is her own, I gain favor only at her feline command

Who am I to have a muse such as her?
My feeble words cobbled in an unruly state
Structure aligns in the pattern of her fur
The author rises within me, articulate

A sonnet I have penned to my feline friend
Calliope transcends all realms of self – creativity has no end

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