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Manhattan Morning: A Sound Postcard from Home to Myself

My iPhone is filled with voice memos taken over the years. They are not what one could consider typical voice memos with shopping lists or meeting reminders, they are audio captures of moments in my day that I found, somehow, fascinating. I didn’t do anything with them just had them there; a time capsule about nothing for nobody. Life occurring.

Radio, always a love of mine and a passion I never pursued for reasons I have yet to understand, is on the rise in my life and today, on vacation, with the rain pouring down sending all of us inside I had the inspiration to download a trial version of Hindenburg and apply my hand at editing together a short audio piece.

So here it is, two-minutes about waking up at home on an early fall morning in 2015. It’s about cultivating an awareness of the space I am in. It’s a postcard from home to myself.

Music: Intome Gesamt by Peter Michael von der Nahmer

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