A Future Voice from the Past – Encounters with af Klint & a ‘driveway moment’ with WNYC on a Sunday morning

This morning, sitting on the sofa with my husband sipping the delicious and lovely cappuccino he’d just made for me, we listened to On The Media as is our weekend ritual. The stories covering our great national nightmare droned on as I listened/not listened to Brooke and Bob do the excellent work they do week in and week out. I admit it – sometimes I just can’t take it and I turn it off. How fortunate I resisted the urge to tune out this morning because this story came on:

Paintings For the Future – Audio file for OTM segment

Brooke took an art crawl through the Guggenheim to cover the Hilma af Klint exhibit. I put down my bespoke cup of coffee and listened intently to her story, feeling shimmers of connectivity with the cosmos.

af Klint red

I visited af Klint with my friend, Emely, while I was in recovery from surgery late this fall. Having found the energy to finally get up off the couch and get out, Emely and I were rewarded by an encounter with Hilma – an artist whom neither of us had heard of before this exhibit came to be. How fortunate we live in the time we do, for I see a guiding spirit in Hilma – one who speaks from the past and draws the future powerfully into focus for us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This posting is really just a huge THANK YOU BROOKE!!! You reminded me how powerful it was to visit this exhibit. I plan on returning again to spend time with af Klint before she goes away for a time (though, truthfully, she will never leave me.) With my treatment still going on, I am grateful for moments like I had this morning for I am open to all things that give me strength! If I lived in the suburbs I could have called this a Driveway Moment but I’m a New Yorker so I shall call it my Put Down That Cappuccino and Listen! moment.


During recovery from surgery I began to draw…I made this image well before I saw or even knew who af Klint was. The similarities are striking and not only with this one piece. Much of my work and her work seem to cross paths in the ineffable.

Perhaps it is time I revisit anthroposophy


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